Water Extraction

Water can come and invade your home through a number of different sources floods, burst pipes, or water leaks and all this can damage your home in multiple ways. Carpets and floor boards are often the worst affected areas which need cleaning, drying and dehumidifying.

Whether it be your home or commercial premises, Master Facility Management has the equipment and the experience to dry and restore your carpets, floors, walls, and contents within the shortest possible time frame.

This helps minimise any limit long term damage and reduce any business interruption or inconvenience to your family and home.


Professional event planning includes
Efficient Management, Crowd Control, Security Professionals, and Effective emergency response





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Master Facility Management is committed to providing professional security and cleaning services to clients all over Sydney and neighbouring country towns. From residential complexes to commercial, public events to concerts, shopping centres to warehouses – our range of security services covers all areas of business. At Master Facility Management our objective is to provide innovative and cost effective services solutions to ensure that our client’s assets, people and business are protected. We work with our team to ensure regular training, career development and industry updates to ensure our clients receive top quality and professional service every time.

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