Master Facility Management Security Services prime objective is to commit to the health, safety and welfare of its staff, visitors of all the workplaces it manages and controls and thus Our building managers are envisioned to the safety of all the people. They ensure that anyone and everyone who enter into your property are safe and protected from any potential hazard.

In addition to this our experts do active management in training the contractors who in turn understand the safety protocols and adhere to all environmental requirements when engaging in their work. We regularly update and make aware all the occupants and owners about the safety initiatives and changes so as to keep them updated as well as asking their reviews on the same.


Master Facility Management Security Services is committed to health, safety and welfare of its staff, visitors and everyone at the workplace it manages.

We ensure to adhere to the best practices when it comes to Work Health and Safety and thus continue to work on to fulfil all the duties and at the same time prevent injuries at the workplace through regular improvement.

Our building managers work efficiently with high standards of WHS management through different objectives as under:

To Ensure that all the workers know their responsibilities in context to the safety and are hold accountable for ensuring all the safety at the workplace.

  • Ensuring that everyone acts and complies with Work Health and Safety Act and Regulation 2011, Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.
  • To adopt a proactive risk management approach to workplace health and safety for ensuring smooth business operations.
  • Providing and ensuring that plants, premises and structures have safe systems of work and all equipments pose no risk to health and safety of workers.
  • Offering all the available resources for the training and effective implementation of WHS to achieve all safety objectives.
  • To ensure that Master Facility Management Security Services workplaces are safe whether they are Buildings, Retail Centres or Commercial Spaces and are being constantly monitored for preventing any illness/injury.


Professional event planning includes
Efficient Management, Crowd Control, Security Professionals, and Effective emergency response





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Master Facility Management is committed to providing professional security and cleaning services to clients all over Sydney and neighbouring country towns. From residential complexes to commercial, public events to concerts, shopping centres to warehouses – our range of security services covers all areas of business. At Master Facility Management our objective is to provide innovative and cost effective services solutions to ensure that our client’s assets, people and business are protected. We work with our team to ensure regular training, career development and industry updates to ensure our clients receive top quality and professional service every time.

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