Alarm Responses

A security alarm is an integral part of business system and offers peace of mind however at the same time it can be really disturbing if it rings at unusual times and if you were to attend to it at odd hours. It needs to be handled practically and with intelligence and this is where right security personnel comes in picture who can attend to alarm responses and stay alert as and when it comes on and off.

There are many times when the alarm rings at the premises in the middle of the night and it is the business owners who have to leave everything and rush with a tensed mindset to attend it. Now this can turn out to be a false alarm or any technical glitch which needs to be attended on time and fixed.

Let the best trained security personnel’s at Master Facility Management handle these alarms for you as and when it is required. Here we take these alarm functions seriously and attend to each alarm on time irrespective of whatever time of the day and night it is. Our expert guards are right there on time and at the right place to quickly assess the situation. Business owners are informed and involved only if the situation demands or else our security team are well equipped and trained to handle the issue better.


Professional event planning includes
Efficient Management, Crowd Control, Security Professionals, and Effective emergency response





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Master Facility Management is committed to providing professional security and cleaning services to clients all over Sydney and neighbouring country towns. From residential complexes to commercial, public events to concerts, shopping centres to warehouses – our range of security services covers all areas of business. At Master Facility Management our objective is to provide innovative and cost effective services solutions to ensure that our client’s assets, people and business are protected. We work with our team to ensure regular training, career development and industry updates to ensure our clients receive top quality and professional service every time.

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